1. Just below is information about applications to be in our holiday cabaret There’s No Business Like Snow Business.
  2. Scroll down this page for information about the auditions for the short play festival Lovely Thoughts and Other Stores.

COVID Safety: For all indoor events at the Legion, participants must wear masks, including audience and those at auditions. During performances, performers may remove masks if they are vaccinated and have a recent negative test.

There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Tis the Season! On Dancers, on Singers, on Prancers, and Actors, of all ages! Theater Company of Saugus is thrilled to present our annual holiday cabaret: There’s No Business Like Snow Business. Sign-Ups are now open!! 

Have at least 30 seconds of your best holiday act(s) to send us. Use the form below to tell us about yourself and your act, and send a video clip attached to an email to

The show dates will be Friday and Saturday evenings, December 17 and 18, 2021, at 7:30 PM, as well as a 2:00 PM matinee on Sunday, December 19. The location is the American Legion in Saugus. Performers will be expected to attend two dress rehearsals during the the week prior to the performances. 

The producers are Jeff Bliss and Dylan Bushe. Shawn Gelzleichter is the musical director.

All cast members should be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  If you have questions, please write to


Lovely Thoughts and Other Stories

A Short Play Festival, featuring the Marvelous Wonderettes. Six short plays written by Jackie Freyman, Matthew Garlin, Mike Sprague, and Ralph Tufo.

Performance dates: March 4, 5, 11, 12, 2022 at 7:30 PM, with matinees on March 6 & 13, 2022 at 2 PM. Rehearsals will be three days per week, starting in January 2022.

Audition Dates: 

  • Sunday, December 12, 2021 – 7:30-9:30 PM
  • Monday, December 13 – 7:30-9:30 PM
  • Tuesday, December 14 – Auditions/Callbacks – 7:30 – 9:30 PM

Please prepare a short monologue either funny or serious. For callbacks, you will be asked to cold read from the scripts.  

We are also seeking directors for these plays. Prospective directors should submit a letter of introduction and a theatrical resume, by December 1, 2021, to Interviews will be conducted during the following week, via zoom. Please indicate which of the plays you are interested in directing, and we will send you the scripts.

Descriptions of the plays and the roles are as follows:

All’s Fair

By Jackie Freyman. The Temple of Aphrodite in Athens. A marble bench sits upstage center. Stage  left of the bench is a still woman, a statue of APHRODITE. Stage right of the  bench is a still man, a statue of ARES holding a spear.

  • Jaime: A young woman, traveling through Greece (Patrick’s girlfriend)
  • Patrick: A young man, traveling through Greece (Jaime’s boyfriend)
  • Aphrodite: The goddess of love
  • Ares: The god of war

This Getting Old is Getting Old

By Ralph Tufo. Setting: Time and Place – Revere, MA in 2015. Takes place in a modest living room/dining room with a table and two chairs, a reclining sofa chair, an end table, and a land-line telephone

  • Adele and Harry – a married couple in their late 70’s- early 80’s

Online Dating

By Matthew Garlin. Setting: two people who have been using dating websites for awhile meet for the first time to disastrous results.

  • Ben: 25–35-year-old man
  • Felicia 25–35-year-old woman

The Drama Behind the Drama

By Ralph Tufo. Setting: The play is set backstage in a community theater during opening night. We hear audience applause as intermission begins. Finishing their scene onstage, Alice and Nelson run into the backstage area still holding hands. Alice quickly pulls her hand out of Nelson’s strong grasp.

  • Alice- an actress in her early twenties
  • Nelson- an actor in his early twenties
  • Frank- a stage manager in his sixties or seventies

How Do You Know

By Matthew Garlin. Setting: 2 expected parents wait for the time while discussing whether or not they are going to be good parents.

  • Kathleen: a 34-year-old red head woman
  • Thomas: a 28-year-old dark haired man


By Jackie Freyman and Mike Sprague. Setting: Takes place during the meeting of a support group. There is a semi-circle of folding chairs center stage,  and upstage right sits a small table with a coffee maker, a donut box, and a bowl of apples on it. A sign  with “HA: Heroes Anonymous” sits on an easel upstage left. There is a clock on the wall at center stage. Lights come up on the stage. DR. CHRIS ANDERSON sits in the chair at the top of the semi-circle with a  clipboard, making notes to themself. PETER enters stage right carrying a flier, looking around  uncertainly.

  • Dr. Chris Anderson – Leader of a support group, any age, could be played by a man or a woman, no accent
  • Peter – Dressed in green, could be played by a youthful-looking man or woman, British accent
  • Alice – Blonde hair, dressed in blue and white, played by a woman, British accent
  • Dorothy – Dressed in blue and white with plain black shoes, hair in two braids, played by a woman, no accent
  • Jim – Dressed in old-fashioned clothing, played by a man, British accent
  • Dr. Grimm – Leader of another support group, any age, could be played by a man or woman