A Virtual Staged Reading of A Christmas Carol

Based on the novel by Charles Dickens.
Adapted and Directed by Matthew Garlin.

Throughout 2020 the realm of theatre has been evolving and finding new ways to survive. TCS has continued with online play readings, some online classes, and now a Staged Reading of A Christmas Carol – a holiday classic everyone knows and are happy to revisit year after year. There was such an overwhelming response from those interested in participating that we have enough people for TWO CASTS! This allows us to provide four online opportunities to bring some theatre into your homes for the holidays.

As this is a quick process the show was cast the weekend of Dec 5-6 with only two weeks for read-throughs/rehearsals! We are excited to announce our casts for a Virtual Staged Reading of A Christmas Carol.

CAST A – Fri Evening/Sun Matinee

Ebenezer ScroogeFrank Hildebrand
Bob CratchitJon Workman
Mary CratchitJackie Freyman
Tiny TimBrooks Workman
Nancy CratchitSophia Scott
Linda CratchitRuby Giunta
Peter CratchitRylan Workman
Jacob MarleyEdward Schrage
Fanny ScroogeRuby Giunta
Fred ScroogeSean Perry
Elizabeth HolmesTasmin Jahan
Mr. FezziwigAndrew Quinney
Lady FezziwigJodie Putnam
Belle WatsonShannon Shaffer
Ghost of Christmas PastAnn Marie King
Ghost of Christmas PresentGreg Sullivan
Ghost of Christmas yet to comeMary Freed
TwiddleMary Freed
RunnageJodie Putnam
Freddie FilmoreTheresa Griffin
Boy at the EndRylan Workman
Person 1 (Gossiper)Sean Perry
Person 2 (Gossiper)Jackie Freyman
Person 3 (Gossiper)Edward Schrage
Person 4 (Gossiper)Tasmin Jahan
Person 5 (Business person)Greg Sullivan
Person 6 (Business person)Jodie Putnam
Person 7 (Robbers)Andrew Quinney
Person 8 (Robbers)Ann Marie King
Person 9 (Robbers)Shannon Shaffer
AnnouncerSophia Scott
ManJon Workman
Young ScroogeRylan Workman
Belle’s HusbandSean Perry

CAST B – Sat Evening/Sun Evening

Ebenezer ScroogeBob Moore
Bob CratchitChris Lahey
Mary CratchitCaroline Fonesca
Tiny TimEthan Hildonen
Nancy CratchitJennifer French
Linda CratchitLily Murphy
Peter CratchitZach Perry
Jacob MarleyRon Green
Fanny ScroogeLily Murphy
Fred ScroogeIqbal Faizer
Elizabeth HolmesJoana De Sousa
Mr. FezziwigDavid Foye
Lady FezziwigLauren Dumont
Belle WatsonJoana De Sousa
Ghost of Christmas PastDr. Prashati Sharma
Ghost of Christmas PresentMindy Pierce
Ghost of Christmas yet to comeRachel Curran
TwiddleRachel Curran
RunnageLauren Dumont
Freddie FilmoreJennifer French
Boy at the EndEthan Hildonen
Person 1 (Gossiper)Iqbal Faizer
Person 2 (Gossiper)Caroline Fonesca
Person 3 (Gossiper)Ron Green
Person 4 (Gossiper)Joana De Sousa
Person 5 (Business person)Mindy Pierce
Person 6 (Business person)Lauren Dumont
Person 7 (Robbers)David Foye
Person 8 (Robbers)Dr. Prashati Sharma
Person 9 (Robbers)Mindy Pierce
AnnouncerLily Murphy
ManChris Lahey
Young ScroogeZach Perry
Belle’s HusbandIqbal Faizer

Returning actors to the TCS stage include:
CAST A – Frank Hildebrand, Sean Perry, Jodie Putnam, Andrew Quinney, Shannon Shaffer, Greg Sullivan, Brooks Workman, Jon Workman, Rylan Workman; and
CAST B – Rachel Curran, Caroline Fonesca, Ethan Hildonen, Lily Murphy, Zach Perry, Ron Green, Chris Lahey

While others are working with us for the first time:
CAST A – Mary Freed, Jackie Freyman, Ruby Giunta, Theresa Griffin, Tasmin Jahan, Ann Marie King, Edward Schrage, Sophia Scott; and
CAST B – Joana De Sousa, Lauren Dumont, Iqbal Faizer, David Foye, Jennifer French, Bob Moore, Mindy Pierce, Dr. Prashati Sharma

Production Team
Director: Matthew Garlin
Producers: Amanda Allen and Deirdre A. L. Shaw
Technical Support: Sean Perry
Marketing and Ticket Sales: Deirdre A. L. Shaw

Performance Dates
Fri, Dec 18 at 8PM – Cast A
Sat, Dec 19 at 8PM – Cast B
Sun, Dec 20 at 2PM – Cast A
Sun, Dec 20 at 8PM – Cast B

Appropriate for all audiences.

We are in the midst of setting up the process.
But, we can tell you we are looking for a donation (of your choosing), with a suggestion of $5-10/person viewing.
Once a donation has been made, we will send you the code for access 1 hour before the show you signed up to view. The Virtual Staged Reading will be live, so if you miss your date/time, it’s not available again (though you can join late).
Please check our Tickets Page for further details. They should be up and running by the evening of Monday, December 14. Thank you for your patience as we figure out some of the new ways of doing things and the tech that goes with it.