Look What I Can Do – Quarantine Edition

Look What I Can Do – From Waaaay Over Here!!! – Quarantine Edition is a video presentation from the Theatre Company of Saugus, showcasing the talents of its members.  It’s a compilation of submissions from both the kids who attended our Youth Theatre Workshop 2020, and from a variety of our adult performers.  Dramatic and comedic scenes, jokes, readings, dances, songs, solos, duets, and even a big choral number finale!  Surprise appearances, both nostalgic and cutting edge!  Something for everyone to see, from every kind of performer! 

The talented performers include: 

  • Amanda Allen
  • Sam Andrews
  • Jeff Bliss
  • Talia Cutulle
  • Will Fafard
  • Matthew Garlin
  • Jack Girardi
  • Ethan Hildonen
  • Victoria Isotti

  • Maggie Kelleher
  • Wendy Lippe
  • Julie Liuzza
  • Rebecca McAuliffe
  • Lily Murphy
  • Sabrina Ornae
  • Zach Perry
  • Kate Petipas
  • Amanda Raponi
  • Lauren Sabbag
  • Nathan Santerre
  • Larry Segel
  • Maggie Stokes
  • Ben Tan
  • Antonia Turilli
  • Brooks Workman
  • Rylan Workman

The post production work and editing is by James Wlodyka and Ben Tan.

There will be three performances of the show, streaming over Zoom.  Join us for any of the shows: 

  • Friday 12 March 2021 at 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 13 March at 8:00 PM
  • Sunday 14 March at 8:00 PM

We can’t hear you applauding at your house, but you can use the Chat or Reaction features to tell us what you like. The running time of the show is 70 minutes.

Tickets are reserved with a Pick-Your-Price donation, from $5 up to $30.  If you donate $10 or more you are entered into a drawing for a gift card to a local restaurant.

Due to the pandemic, the company has not been able to do its usual season of shows over the past year, so we have had very little income.  We do, however, have ongoing fixed expenses, and have thus suffered financial losses.  Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help to ensure that we can open the proverbial curtains once this is all over. A donation can be added on to whatever you choose to pay for a ticket. Thank you for your continued support!

To purchase tickets, go to the Tickets page on our website:  https://tcsaugus.org/tickets/.  You can pay with a credit card via our ticket vendor TicketStage. 

All those who have paid will get an email containing the link to the streaming performance, sent out one hour before showtime.   If you purchase tickets after one hour before showtime, your confirmation email will contain the link. Please be prepared to watch at the start time. Like an in-person show, the streaming starts at the start time, not whenever you want.