Much Ado About Nothing

The Theatre Company of Saugus announces its production of Much Ado About Nothing, the romantic-dramatic comedy by William Shakespeare.  The director is Anna Lee Percuoco.

The play features the antagonistic (but romantic) relationship between Beatrice and Benedick, two of Shakespeare’s slingers of insults, and the threats to the romance of Hero and Claudio.

The performances will (hopefully) be in-person and outdoors.  The performance dates  are June 4-6 and June 11-13, 2021 in Saugus, Massachusetts.  (Performances could be extended to June 18-20, if there are too many rainouts earlier.)

We are please to announce the cast of the show!

  • BeatriceNicole Abbondanza
  • BenedickNick Gould
  • HeroTalia Cutulle
  • ClaudioPatrick Conaway
  • LeonatoJohn Leonard
  • AntoniaSherri Wilcauskas
  • Don PedroCharlie Ferguson
  • Lady JaneKatie Speed
  • Margaret Hanna Burnett
  • UrsulaValerie Tracy
  • BorachioTyler Cronin
  • BiancaKarissa Vincent
  • Connie Nicole Jones
  • DogberryBilly Jenkins
  • Verges Zackary Perry
  • SeacoleKathy Rapino
  • Friar Francis/LaunceKatie Demasi
  • SextonSaoirse Curran
  • Messenger (1)Zackary Perry
  • Messenger (2) Mackayla Beaton
  • The Watch/Servers – Mackayla Beaton, Saoirse Curran

The cast includes several TCS veterans: Hanna Burnett, Saoirse Curran, Talia Cutulle, John Leonard, Zackary Perry, Kathy Rapino, and Shreri Wilcauskas. And we welcome all these new people to the TCS stage: Nicole Abbondanza, Mackayla Beaton, Patrick Conaway, Tyler Cronin, Katie Demasi, Charlie Ferguson, Nick Gould, Billy Jenkins, Nicole Jones, Katie Speed, Valerie Tracy, and Karissa Vincent.

Rehearsals will at first take place on Zoom, with the hope that we will be able to be in-person in Saugus at some point in May.

For more information about the characters, how to submit an audition video and the other information we need, callbacks, and more, visit our Auditions page. The deadline to submit your audition video is 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Tickets will go on sale in May. See our Tickets page.

Here is our plan for COVID safety during the rehearsals of this show:

  • While we will be conducting most of the rehearsals over Zoom, TCS will consider having in-person rehearsals by mid-May; possibly earlier depending on how many members of the cast end up fully vaccinated. All in-person rehearsals will be held outside unless otherwise agreed upon by the actors and director.
  • We will do our best to limit the number of people at each rehearsal.
  • Unless required by the specific scene, actors and director will remain physically distanced. We will have markers for people not on stage demonstrating the proper amount of physical distance that should be maintained.
  • Actors will be emailed the script before the first read through and will be expected to print and bring their own copies to rehearsal. They will also be expected to bring anything else they will need (water bottles, pen/pencils, etc.) so as not to share with anyone else in the cast.
  • For now, we plan to have actors and director wear masks during in-person rehearsals. We hope to be able to adjust this for outside rehearsals as we keep an eye on (hopefully) dropping numbers and CDC recommendations.
  • We expect for actors to be vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can (hopefully) be unmasked at the performance. Another option could be an actor quarantining before the performance and getting a rapid test. We will work out the details in accordance with CDC recommendations as the date approaches.
  • Our goal is to hopefully have Much Ado About Nothing performed outside and in-person for the Saugus community. We will follow all standards set forward by the CDC. If the appropriate standards cannot be met, we will consider having the performances virtually, over Zoom.