On This Winter’s Eve – Original One Act Play Festival

Performance Dates
Fri, Dec 13 at 7:30PM
Sat, Dec 14 at 7:30PM
Sun, Dec 15 at 2:00PM

Theatre Company of Saugus has selected four plays to be part of our Original One Act Play Festival: On This Winter’s Eve, with direction by two new directors with TCS – Rachael Bernstein and Victoria Isotti.

Rebel Without a Claus by Tofer Carlson is a comedic encounter between two children and the real Santa Claus, who just happens to be female.

A Christmas Gift by Matthew Garlin tells the story of a Christmas Eve plan gone awry. A man (caregiver for his mother) wants to ask his girlfriend to marry him and has come up with an elaborate plan involving his best friend in a Santa outfit and a lovelorn waitress’ assistance. As things start off, the man’s dependent mother and an old couple change the process. On top of all that, his girlfriend also has a surprise for him.

The Noir Before Christmas by Tofer Carlson is a hard-boiled detective comedy, where the detective takes on a case looking for Rudolph’s missing nose without realizing that her client is in fact an elf.

A Dickens of a Christmas Carol by Josh Black was written in the spirit of a touring Charles Dickens in mind. It’s shorter than the novel and includes a dose of modern comedy. It’s a story everyone has heard of. Though most of the humor is modern, Dickens… stays true to the original story structure of the novel and brings in some characters we don’t always get to see.

The Cast
Theatre Company of Saugus is proud to announce our cast for On This Winter’s Eve: One Act play Festival.

Rebel Without a Claus directed by Victoria Isotti
Sharon Buccuzzo Beeler as Norma, last seen in Steel Magnolias
Rebecca McAuliffe as Judy makes her TCS debut
Laurie Frank as Mom makes her TCS debut
Brooks Workman as Jimmy, last seen in A Charlie Brown Christmas
Bryan Hall as Harold makes his TCS debut

A Christmas Gift directed by Victoria Isotti
Jon Workman as Russ, last seen in A Christmas Carol – Readers Theatre
Rayna Frank as Amber makes her TCS debut
Damien Dakotah LaCount as Bill, last seen in It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
Kathy Bedard as Jillian, last seen in It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
Stephen Russo as Ben Steinman, last seen in It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
Catherine Hersh as Hilary Steinman, last seen in Moliere with Love!

The Noir Before Christmas directed by Rachael Bernstein
Laurie Frank as Mary Snowflake makes her TCS debut
Julie Liuzza as Joy, last seen in It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play
Kathy Bedard as Mrs. C.
Anetta Rauf as Donder makes her TCS debut
Jessica Stockton as Blitzen, last seen in The Laramie Project
Rachel Curran as Sam makes her TCS debut

A Dickens of a Christmas Carol directed by Rachael Bernstein
Julie Liuzza as Narrator
Bryan Hall as Scrooge
Rebecca McAuliffe as Ghost of Christmas Past / Lady
Stephen Russo as Ghost of Christmas Present / Fezziwig / Mortimer
Rosemary Leo as Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come / Fan / Martha makes her TCS debut
Damien Dakotah LaCount as Marley / Joe / George / Belle’s Husband
Catherine Hersh as Mrs. Cratchit / Party Goer
Rylan Workman as Tiny Tim / Young Scrooge, last seen in A Charlie Brown Christmas
Rachel Curran as Young Belle / Wife
Jon Workman as Bob Cratchit / Husband
Melissa Reda as Belle / Winifred makes her TCS debut

Additionally, our stories are interwoven by:
Anetta Rauf as Joan
Damien Dakotah LaCount as Trevor
Melissa Reda as Person #1
Rachel Curran as Person #2

For information about auditions, please visit our Auditions Page.
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