Auntie Mame

The Theatre Company of Saugus presented Auntie Mame, by Lawrence and Lee, based on the novel by Patrick Dennis. Performances were held at the Belmonte Middle School in Saugus in May 2001. After it closed, a cutting of the show was taken to the EMACT Festival. Although we didn’t win any awards, we did earn three nominations: to Nancy Lemoine and Larry Segel for Set Design, to Terry Baskett for Makeup Design, and to Seth Holbrook for Best Supporting Actor as Patrick Dennis (as a young man).

For the complete results of the Festival, visit the EMACT web site. Thanks to The Concord Players for providing the photographs below.

Cast members included: Barbara Hunt as Auntie Mame, Laura Schrader-Johnson as Vera Charles, Melissa Ehlers as Norah Muldoon, Marylou Hanson as Agnes Gooch, Jean Amorosi as Doris Upson, Lindsey Harlow as Gloria Upson, Tiffany White as Sally Cato MacDougal, Kristin Marchetti as Pegeen Ryan, Frances Latour as Mother Burnside, Marsha Golden as Cousin Fan, Kathy Rapino as Ms. Loomis, Alayne Matthias as the Stage Manager, Carolina Lanney as a Maid, Jaime Stevens as a Maid, Mary Leslie as a Little Girl; Matt Huffman as Young Patrick, Seth Holbrook as Older Patrick, Mark Parisi as Beauregard Burnside, Jim Scheri as Mr. Babcock, Bernie Sacco as Lindsay Woolsey, Sean Fitzgerald as Brian O’Bannion, John Greene as Claude Upson, Peter DiMauro as Ito, Brian Liberge as Ralph Devine, Fernando Homem as Cousin Jeff, and Lukkah Churchill as Emory and the Paper Hanger. Several of the above cast members also played various other minor roles.

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