Dancing with Demons

The Theatre Company of Saugus is pleased to announce the second series of Dancing With Demons. This is a dramatic and community service project sponsored by a combination of both the Theatre Company and the Personal Growth Center, an important counseling service for the community.

Performances are recommended for those who may have family, friends, or personal experiences with drug abuse or alcoholism, including members of community, health-care, and religious organizations.

The plays are intended to provoke discussion amongst the target audiences, with advice about how those affected can cope, including getting counseling services. Resource information will be provided. Annamarie Santangelo of the Personal Growth Center will introduce the subject, and may be available for brief consultations after the performances.

Admission is free to all performances. Refreshments will be served. Support is provided by the Saugus Cultural Arts Council.

Each series consists of three short, intense plays. The first series was on alcohol, and its affect on its abusers and their family and friends. Successful performances were done in March and April. There will be one more performance, due to popular demand.

The second series is on drug abuse. The plays are based on actual cases, and were written and rehearsed by drama students at Saugus High School, under the direction of their teacher, Nancy Lemoine. Two performances were held in May.

There are 60 performers in Drugs. Performers in Alcohol include: Jean Amorosi, Rosemary DeGregorio, Meaghan Dwyer, Jessica Jaffe, Kyle Raiche, Tom Raiche, Sherri Raftery, Josh Scalia, Mark Scalia, Jaime Stevens, and Eric Taddeo. The director is Larry Segel, assisted by Mark Scalia.

These are the plays about alcohol:
So Sweet, So Innocent. Pregnant woman slips off the wagon.
Marie’s Story. Woman suffers with abusive husband.
Choices. Family, friends, and a ghost express their regrets at the gravesite.

Dancing With Demons – Alcohol was presented one last time: Thursday 6 June at 7:30 PM at Belmonte Middle School.
Note: This was a change from the location originally announced.

Dancing With Demons – Drugs was presented twice:
(1) Tuesday 7 May at 7:30 PM at St. John’s church.
(2) Monday 13 May at 7:30 PM at Belmonte Middle School.