Evenings with Shakespeare

The members of the Theatre Company of Saugus thoroughly enjoyed themselves presenting their winter 2005 show, Evenings With Shakespeare. And the attendance and audience response was very good. The performances were 11-13 February 2005.

The show consisted of shortened versions of two of the most popular comedies by the greatest of English playwrights. The Taming of the Shrew was directed by Leo Nickole, emeritus professor of theatre at Emerson College. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was directed by Larry Segel, director of several previous productions for the Theatre Company.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is the story of a quartet of romantic lovers who have a difficult time sorting out who is in love with who, partly because of the intervention of warring bands of fairies. Meanwhile, nearby in the forest, some workmen rehearse a play, but they are interrupted by more magical mischief.

The cast for A Midsummer Night’s Dream included: Eric Balas as Egeus, Terrie Bater as Hermia, Derek Clark as Lysander, Brian Dion as Oberon and Theseus, Bobby Imperato as Puck, Carolina Lanney as Titania and Hyppolyta, Elaine Lerman as Philostrate, Mahendran Radhakrishnan as Demetrius, and Andrea Webber as Helena.

The “Mechanicals” included: Jacqueline DiGenio as Starveling, Renee Glowacki as Snout, Merle Gordon as Quince, Matt Huffman as Flute, Stephen Russo as Bottom, and William Waple as Snug.

And the Fairies were: Marisa Buonopane, Autumn Dion, Katrina Eddy, Alexis Fafard, and Sabrina Raftery.

The Taming of the Shrew involves a young lady whose many suitors are stymied because her older sister must marry first. But the sister is quite unpleasant and no man will come near her. But along comes a suitor who is just as rough and contrary as she is. Fireworks ensue!

The cast of The Taming of the Shrew included: Eric Balas as Hortensio, Chris Buonopane as the Tailor, Derek Clark as Petruchio, Jacqueline DiGenio as the Widow, Brian Dion as Baptista, Reneee Glowacki as Curtis, Bobby Imperato as Grumio, Kristina Kattar as Katharina, Mahendran Radhakrishnan as Tranio, Stephen Russo as Lucentio, Bernie Sacco as Gremio, and Lisa Scopa as Bianca.

Evenings With Shakespeare was produced by Monica Bruno, assisted by Jean Amorosi. The stage manager was Al Ragone. The costumes were executed by Renee Glowacki. Props by Elaine Lerman. Lighting design by Larry Segel. Lighting execution by Alex Hoffman. Sound by Chris Amorosi. Settings assembly superivised by Al Ragone. Program by Hank Zappala. Refreshments by Ramona Zappala. The house manager was Maria Gouveia.