Sabrina Fair

In November 2006, the Theatre Company of Saugus presented Sabrina Fair, a delightful romantic comedy featuring an abundance of engaging characters. Movie versions of the play (with the title “Sabrina”) were released in 1954 and 1995, the earlier starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. The story is set on Long Island in the 1950s, and deals with a very rich family named Larrabee, and their involvement with Sabrina Fairchild, the daughter of their family chauffeur. She has gone beyond the walls of their estate, and found the world. After five years in Paris, she has come home to find out what she really wants.

Sabrina Fair was originally presented on Broadway in 1953-54. It was written by Samuel Taylor, who also wrote the screenplay for the 1954 movie version. He was also the screenwriter for The Eddy Duchin Story, and the Alfred Hitchcock films Vertigo and Topaz. His other Broadway scripts include Avanti! and Legend.

For the Theatre Company of Saugus production of Sabrina Fair, the director was the multi-talented songwriter and radio personality Lance Norris.

The cast featured a mixture of new and veteran actors with the Theatre Company. The role of the bright, charming Sabrina Fairchild was embodied by Stormy Keithly, from Eliot, Maine. Her very proper father, Tom Fairchild, was played by Mitch Cole of Saugus. The Larrabee family included the glamorous mother, Maude, portrayed by Jean Amorosi of Saugus; the eccentric father Linus Sr. and the cynical, domineering elder son Linus Jr., played respectively by Larry Segel and Michael Ward, both residents of Winthrop; and the likeable younger son, David, portrayed by Seth Holbrook from Melrose. Rosemary DeGregorio, of Saugus, played Julia McKinlock, the experienced family friend of the Larrabee’s. John Greene, also of Saugus, portrayed Paul D’Argenson, Sabrina’s gentlemanly French suitor. The observant maid, Margaret, was enacted by Diane Jordan, from Saugus. Relationships were complicated by the appearance of David’s opportunistic ex-wife Gretchen, played by Saugus resident Jaclene Mulrean. Fun-loving guests at a party were enacted by Amanda Allen and Brian Buchanan from Saugus, Keith Swiniarski of Newburyport, and Stacey Wilson of Lynn.

The production was generously sponsored by the Saugus Federal Credit Union.