The Crucible

The award-winning Theatre Company of Saugus embarked on its 40th season, by beginning with Arthur Miller’s classic American drama, The Crucible. Using the Salem Witch Trials as the background, Miller addressed the power of fear, as hysteria ran wild through the community. Miller’s social commentary on McCarthyism in the 1950’s comes to life through this script, as neighbor turns against neighbor in order to gain profit and uphold their good names.

We were pleased to have selected Chip Sheeran as the director for our fall production of The Crucible. Chip had directed and produced a number of shows in neighboring communities, and brought a lot of passion and organization to this project.

Performances of The Crucible were on one weekend only, Thursday-Friday-Saturday 13-14-15 November 2008 evenings, with a matinee on Sunday 16 November. The performance location was the Saugus Town Hall.

We thank everyone who participated in the cast and crew. The cast included:

Tituba – Tonya Rabouin
Reverend Samuel Parris – Larry Segel
Betty Parris – Emily Sheeran
Abigail Williams – Jacqueline DiGenio
Ann Putnam – Chris Vander Rhodes
Thomas Putnam – Mike Sakovich
Susan Walcott – Michelle Millard
Mercy Lewis – Jen Colella
Mary Warren – Ashley Croce
John Proctor – Michael Sgrignari
Rebecca Nurse – Rosemary DeGregorio
Giles Corey – Mitchell Cole
Reverend John Hale – Derek Clark
Elizabeth Proctor – Irene Szewczuk
Ezekiel Cheever – Jason Rodgers
John Willard – Michael Michaud
Judge Hathorne – Nicholas Beach
Deputy Governor Danforth – Brian Dion
Francis Nurse – Bernie Hutchens
Sarah Good – Carolina Lanney
Hopkins – William Waple

Many thanks to the East Boston Savings Bank, which sponsored this production.

The co-Producers were Joanne Fafard, Carolina Lanney, and Rosemary DeGregorio. Stage managers were Carolina Lanney and Jessica Stockton. Costumes by Joanne Fafard, Tanya Portalla, Elizabeth Sheeran, Jacqui DiGenio, Joanne Wheeler, Amanda Allen, Chris Vander Rhodes. Hair and Makeup by Tanya Portalla. Scenery by Brian Dion, Chip Sheeran, and the cast. Lighting by Larry Segel, Bernie Hutchens, and Trish Dion. Sound by Chip Sheeran, Matt Huffman, and Jimmy Wlodyka. Props by Amanda Allen. Publicity by Jacqui DiGenio, Joanne Fafard, Larry Segel. Box Office by Monica Bruno, Joanne Fafard, Lisa Scopa. Program by Monica Bruno. House Management by Leo Nickole. Refreshments by Loretta Potash, Joanne Wheeler. Stage Crew was Amanda Allen, Brian Andy. Photography by Bill Fafard.