The Good Doctor


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The Theater Company of Saugus is proud to announce our spring 2013 production of “The Good Doctor”.  This dramatic comedy is by Neil Simon, one of the greatest and most prolific American playwrights.  It is based on the work of the great Russian dramatist and short story writer Anton Chekhov, who also worked as a medical doctor.  This show dramatizes nine of his stories, including a wide variety of settings and characters. 

There will be six performances of The Good Doctor, in the evening on Fridays and Saturdays, February 8, 9, 15, 16 at 7:30 PM, and with matinees on Sundays, February 10, 17, 2013 at 2:00 PM. 

The venue is the East Saugus United Methodist Church, located at 85 Chestnut Street in Saugus, Massachusetts.  (See our Directions page.) 

The show will be presented cabaret style, with the audience seated at small tables.  Light refreshments and appetizers will be for sale.

Tickets are $15 for adults, or $12 for seniors and students. (See our Tickets page.)

A cast of Theatre Company veterans and newcomers each play a variety of roles in the various short scenes.  The stories are narrated by The Writer, based on Chekhov himself.  The descriptions and cast of each show are shown below.

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If you are interested in being on the production staff of the show, back stage, or front of house, please contact us.

We are pleased to announce the cast:

The Writer

The Writer introduces us to some stories.
Narrator … Allison Tucker

The Sneeze

Cherdyakov makes way too much of something, much to the annoyance of the General.
Cherdyakov … Josh Carter
General … Michael Gilman
Cherdyakov’s Wife … Naomi Black
General’s Wife, Madame Brassilhov … Susan Austin

The Governess

The Governess gets her pay from the Mistress.
Mistress … Susan Austin
Julia … Britt Mitchell


Kuryatin does some dental work on the Sexton.
Kuryatin … Josh Black
Sexton … Josh Carter

The Seduction

Peter is the world’s greatest seducer of other men’s wives.
Peter … Ryan Perry
Husband … Larry Segel
Wife … Susan Austin

The Drowned Man

A Sailor wants to entertain the Writer.  The Policeman almost interferes.
Sailor … Larry Segel
Policeman … Josh Carter

The Audition

The Girl auditions for a role in one of Chekhov’s greatest dramas.
Girl … Jacqueline Frangos
Voice … Allison Tucker

A Defenseless Creature

A poor Woman makes a claim at the bank.
Woman … Britt Mitchell
Kustinov … Ryan Perry
Assistant … Josh Black

A Quiet War

Two old military officers hold their weekly meeting.
Army … Larry Segel
Navy … Michael Gilman

The Arrangement

A Father wants to introduce his Boy to women.
Boy … Ryan Perry
Father … Michael Gilman
Girl … Naomi Black