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Nathan Goulart-Pasco is a nineteen-year-old theatre lover from Brookfield, Massachusetts, who serves as an alternate member on the TCS board and has been in several TCS shows. This summer, he will be chronicling our production of The Glass Menagerie.

Actors sculpt the Glass Menagerie

There is a sense of experimentation going on in rehearsals of The Glass Menagerie, and it’s a privilege for me to witness it.  My favorite kind of rehearsal is one in which the actors get to play in a scene before the director steps in, and that is exactly how Lexi Deschene works with her cast.  I feel this approach gives the actors more of an understanding of their presence in the scene, and an ability to add their own personalities.  Isn’t that the reason we have actors, to take a great text such as this one from Tennessee Williams, and put their own personal spin on it while still maintaining the original intentions of the characters? 

It’s also great to see a scene grow each time it’s rehearsed, and this cast is top-notch.  One of many things I can promise the audience will love during this performance is the four actors’ relationships with each other.  There was a certain freedom to the scene that was being rehearsed tonight, and I cannot wait to see the final product.  The way each character knows their role in the show and makes it their own is such a joy to see. 

When you have four talented performers such as this, a play such as The Glass Menagerie, and a director supporting each choice the actor makes, it will grow into a wonderful show or, in this case, be sculpted into a wonderful glass figurine.  I was grateful to meet the other two members of the cast tonight: Derek Bousquet and Michelle Mount, who I had the pleasure of talking to.

Be on the look-out for more on The Glass Menagerie presented by the Theatre Company of Saugus, August 9th – 11th & August 16th – 18th, 2013. Friday and Saturday performances will begin at 7:30 PM, and Sunday performances will begin at 2:00 PM, located at the East Saugus United Methodist Church.

-Nathan Goulart-Pasco

Connecting with the characters in The Glass Menagerie

Tonight, I attended a rehearsal for The Glass Menagerie, which will be presented by the Theatre Company of Saugus this August!  There were wonderful things happening.  The scene being rehearsed involved two characters, Tom and Amanda, portrayed by Kyle Raiche and Wendy Lippe.  The Glass Menagerie is such a well-written show and the text stands on its own, but when you add a director with a clear vision as well as a great cast, you are golden.  I can honestly say that I witnessed both of these things last night, and I am already so excited for opening night.  Knowing there is still over a month of rehearsal time, I was amazed to notice such focused actors; they rehearsed the same part of a scene five times, and I watched it improve in quality each time. The actors sank more and more into the characters.  Each character in this classic play written by Tennessee Williams has multiple layers, and the actors that I spoke with have a perfect sense of where to go with their character’s journey throughout the show, as does their director (Lexi Deschene).

Without giving too much away, I love the way the space is being set up, because I think it is a way for the audience to be even more connected with the characters.  I promise that the audience will feel like they are part of the action, and will really be able to connect with the story, which, as an avid theatre goer, is all I ask.  I want to be able to connect with a great performance.  The show takes place in a small apartment, so the idea of having the audience surround the action has me very excited to see the play start to finish.  Tom (Kyle Raiche) has a special role in this piece, as the narrator who speaks directly to the audience at points in the show.  He talks about his feelings, which rarely happens in the Wingfield household, so it’s great to hear Tom speak to the audience about his life.  Amanda (Wendy Lippe) is also a great character, and the audience will see the emotions she tries to hide from her family.

Being a Tennessee Williams play, there is already a solid foundation of a great script and characters, and the Theatre Company of Saugus is successfully bringing it to life with their actors.  Jessica Stockton was stage-managing, which is awesome!  I was not able to see the other amazing performers last night, but am excited and grateful to make more trips to rehearsals. Please keep up with The Glass Menagerie at TCS. I will continue with fun interviews and blogs throughout the process, and I am excited to be involved! Keep up with the blog!

The Glass Menagerie is being performed August 9th – 11th and 16th – 18th, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2:00 PM.  The performances will be held at the East Saugus United Methodist Church, 85 Chestnut Street in Saugus, Massachusetts.

-Nathan G-P

Glass Menagerie gets underway

by Nathan Goulart-Pasco
The Theatre Company of Saugus is so excited to present The Glass Menagerie, the classic work of Tennessee Williams.  This play has four characters that will fill the room with emotion.  I am excited to say that I will be blogging some of the process, as far as rehearsals and production matters go, which should be very exciting.
TCS held auditions and had many talented actors, but ultimately there were only four roles to be cast; we are excited to announce the cast!  Kyle Raiche as Tom Wingfield, our narrator and protagonist looking back on his past as he recalls his life with his family.  Wendy Lippe as Amanda Wingfield, the now-abandoned mother of the Wingfields whose dedication towards the family may have turned to a feeling of resentment.  Michelle Mount as Laura Wingfield, sister to Tom and the eldest child of the family, who has had a childhood illness and now somewhat lives in a world that is non-reality based.  Finally, Derek Bousquet as Jim O’Connor, a coworker of Tom’s who knows Laura from their childhood.
The production team consists of Lexi Deschene as the director, whose vision for this classic piece will move the audience and tell the story in such a wonderful way.  She will be assisted by Nick Meunier.  The stage manager is Jessica Stockton, who will be assisted by Maggie Palermo.
We are all very excited with this summer production, which will be presented August 9 – 11 and August 16 – 18, 2013, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 PM and Sundays at 2:00 PM at the East Saugus United Methodist Church.  This is a beautiful piece of theatre full of symbolism, and I look forward to following the production process.  Keep on the lookout for more on The Glass Menagerie presented by the Theatre Company of Saugus.