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New TCS Scholarship

In addition to putting on shows, the mission of Theatre Company of Saugus (TCS) has been to educate our membership about theatre.  We have done this through many workshops over the years, as well as through our annual summer Youth Theatre Workshop.

For many years TCS has awarded a modest scholarship to a graduating college-bound senior at Saugus High School (SHS).  With the recognition that many TCS members do not live in Saugus, we are initiating a new additional scholarship intended for TCS members that do not go to SHS. 

The new scholarship amount is $300, and is intended for those who will be attending college or graduate school in the fall of 2023.  The recipient should be a participant in past or current TCS productions or activities.  Preference is given to those who intend to study theatre or related arts.

Applications for the first award of the new scholarship are now being accepted.  The online application form asks questions about your plans for school, and your experience with TCS.  The application must be completed by June 30, 2023.  The winning recipient will be announced in mid-July.

Access the application by clicking on this link.

If you have any questions about the new scholarship or the application, please write to us at:  (The recipient of the original scholarship has been selected and will be announced by SHS.)

Wizard of Oz at NSMT Ticket Raffle

We are holding a Raffle as a Fundraiser for our Youth Theatre Workshop 2023 this summer!!

We have a set of two tickets to go see The Wizard of Oz – Youth Edition on Saturday 29 April 2023 at 10:00 AM, at the North Shore Music Theatre. This is paired with a gift certificate to Holy Cow Ice Cream Cafe!!

Entries will be $5 each, or five entries for $20. The winner will be announced on Wednesday 26 April 2023. All entries must be received by the day prior, April 25.

To enter, send us money via Venmo to: @theatrecompanyof-saugus

Please include a note saying “Wiz Oz NSMT raffle”.

If you don’t have Venmo, you can write a check payable to “Theatre Company of Saugus”. Put it in a sealed envelope addressed to Theatre Company of Saugus, and include a note with your name and contact information and “Wiz Oz NSMT raffle”. Put the envelope in the mail slot to the left of the front door at the American Legion building at 44 Taylor Street / Saugus, MA 01906, or send it via US mail to that address.

The North Shore Music Theatre production is presented by their Spring Education Program students. The same show is going to be presented by our younger Youth Theatre Workshop participants, with performances on July 28-29-30, 2023.

Jaie Deschene

The Theatre Company of Saugus joins many others in mourning the unexpected passing, on April 16, 2023, of Jaie Deschene, a director and actress active with several community theaters in our area. She directed This Getting Old is Getting Old, which was part of our short play festival Lovely Thoughts and Other Stories, presented in March 2022. She was also cast in the role of Nell in our March 2023 production of The Comedy of Errors, but left the production because of other commitments.

Click here for the obituary and visitation information.

Peter and the Starcatcher

TCS is excited to present Peter and the Starcatcher, the origin story for Peter Pan, a play with music. Performances are May 12-13-14 & 19-20-21, 2023.

Click here for complete info about the show. Tickets are now on sale via our Tickets page.

Auditions for Peter and the Starcatcher

The Theatre Company of Saugus is pleased to announce auditions for our spring 2023 production of Peter and the Starcatcher. A play by with some music. Performances are May 12-21, 2023. Auditions are February 12 and 13, 2023. For complete info, see our Auditions page.

Tony-winning Peter and the Starcatcher upends the century-old story of how a miserable orphan comes to be The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up (a.k.a. Peter Pan). A wildly theatrical adaptation of Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson’s best-selling novels, the play was conceived for the stage by directors, Roger Rees and Alex Timbers, and written by Rick Elice, with music by Wayne Barker. From marauding pirates and jungle tyrants to unwilling comrades and unlikely heroes, Peter and the Starcatcher playfully explores the depths of greed and despair… and the bonds of friendship, duty and love.

A young orphan and his mates are shipped off from Victorian England to a distant island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. They know nothing of the mysterious trunk in the captain’s cabin, which contains a precious, otherworldly cargo. At sea, the boys are discovered by a precocious young girl named Molly, a Starcatcher-in-training who realizes that the trunk’s precious cargo is starstuff, a celestial substance so powerful that it must never fall into the wrong hands. When the ship is taken over by pirates – led by the fearsome Black Stache, a villain determined to claim the trunk and its treasure for his own – the journey quickly becomes a thrilling adventure.

Featuring a dozen actors portraying more than 100 unforgettable characters, Peter and the Starcatcher uses ingenious stagecraft and the limitless possibilities of imagination to bring the story to life.

Jerry Lebel

We are sad to learn of the passing of Gerard “Jerry” Lebel, on January 3, 2023, at the age of 75. Jerry was a performer and director at the Theatre Company of Saugus, being most active in the 1990s. Click here for the obituary.

He was the director of the play Broadway Bound by Neil Simon, in about 1995. TCS members still around who were in that show include Rosemary DeGregorio and Larry Segel. He was in the 1999 production of Our Town, directed by Nancy Lemoine.

Board of Directors for 2023

At our General Membership Meeting and Annual Holiday Party on 11 December 2022, we elected new members to the Board of Directors of the Theatre Company of Saugus. Three people had been nominated at an earlier meeting: Jeff Bliss, Billy Jenkins, and Sherri Raftery. In the meantime, Jill Sliby resigned, leaving one year left on an unexpired term. At the meeting on December 11, Lauren Lyon was also nominated, and the four nominees were elected to fill either the three-year terms 2023-2025, or the unexpired term.

Four people were also nominated and elected to one-year terms on the Alternate Board.

At the subsequent Board meeting on 14 December 2022, the Officers of the Board were nominated and elected by the board.

See our Board Members page for the complete list of current board members and officers for 2023.

The Comedy of Errors

Your best chance to see this show is tonight Saturday 11 March; plenty of seats available for sale at the door. The matinee tomorrow Sunday 12 March is almost sold out.

Performances are the during the first two weekends of March 2023. Tickets are now on sale. See our Tickets page.

The venue is the Theatre Company of Saugus home at the American Legion in Saugus. See our Directions page.

We are pleased to announce the cast of our upcoming production of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. For complete information about the show, see our show page.

Bryan Deroo as Antipholus of Syracuse and Olga Karasik-Updike as the Foreign Merchant practice their swordfighting in rehearsal for William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Presented by the Theatre Company of Saugus, March 3-4-5 & 10-11-12, 2023, at the American Legion in Saugus.