Lovely Thoughts and Other Stories

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Theatre Company of Saugus presents a festival of short comedic original plays, called Lovely Thoughts and Other Stories. Six plays by four playwrights and five directors.

With musical interludes featuring the Lovelies singing girl-group songs from the 1950s and 1960s.

Performances are 11-20 March 2022. The venue is the American Legion Post 210 at 44 Taylor Street in Saugus, Massachusetts. Tickets are now on sale; see our Tickets page.

We are pleased to announce the cast and directors. Thank you to all the talented people who auditioned.

All’s Fair, written by Jackie Freyman, directed by Megan Brown. A young couple visits an ancient site in Athens and get a visit from some unlikely couple counselors.

  • Kathy Bedard as Jaime
  • Richie DeJesus as Patrick
  • Ann Marie King as Aphrodite
  • Christina Bontempo as Ares

This Getting Old is Getting Old, written by Ralph Tufo, directed by J. Deschene. An aging married couple struggling with the changing times and their communication with each other.

  • Stephanie Cotton-Snell as Adele
  • John Leonard as Harry

How Do You Know, written by Matthew Garlin, directed by Alex Lucchesi. Two expecting parents questioning whether they are ready or not.

  • Matthew Garlin as Thomas
  • Vanessa Phelon as Kathleen

The Drama Behind the Drama, written by Ralph Tufo, directed by Alex White. At a community theatre on opening night, two leads try to grapple with their relationship with each other.

  • Kathy Bedard as Alice
  • Richie DeJesus as Nelson
  • Andrew Quinney as Frank

Online Dating, written by Matthew Garlin, directed by Megan Brown. Two people who have been using dating websites for awhile meet for the first time and hilarity ensues.

  • Matthew Garlin as Ben
  • Vanessa Phelon as Felicia

Anonymous, written by Jackie Freyman and Mike Sprague, directed by Matthew Garlin. A support group session for literary heroes to speak about their adventures.

  • Stephanie Cotton-Snell as Dr. Chris Anderson
  • Andrew Quinney as Peter
  • Amy Cole as Dorothy
  • Ann Marie King as Alice
  • Richie DeJesus as Jim
  • John Leonard as Dr. Grimm

The Lovelies girl singing group includes: Jennifer Antocci, Natalie Lewis, Rebecca McAuliffe, and Melissa Reda. The stage manager is Ally Lewis.

We need help with the front-of-house jobs for this show. If you volunteer, you get to see the show for free. You should plan to arrive one hour before show time, and to stay after a little while to help clean up. We need people to usher, sell snacks and raffle tickets, and to check the vaccination status of the patrons. Click here to sign up.