Derek Bousquet, “Jim O’Connor”

Each of the characters in The Glass Menagerie are multifaceted, but do you have a favorite character trait that you are able to explore in your particular role? 

“I’ve been playing Jim with a lot of – cockiness, I suppose would be the best word, kind of self-obsessed and almost shallow, in a way. He still thinks so much of himself.” 

Does Jim have any traits that remind you of yourself? Do you have any life experiences that you can apply to the character? 

“I think I can be outgoing and somewhat confident. I’m proud of my accomplishments.” 

What does The Glass Menagerie mean to you as a theatre artist? 

“All of these characters have beliefs that are correct. It’s a huge argument, but everybody is right. Everybody has a right to act the way they’re acting, and it’s up to the audience to see that all of these people are allowed to be who they are. They have something important to say.” 

Although you are still in the early phases of the rehearsal process, do you have a favorite moment in the show? 

“I like the fight between Tom and Amanda, where Tom gets sarcastic and says he’s a part of a gang and all that. I’m not in it, but it’s one of my favorite scenes in the show.” 

As a performer, what has been one of your favorite roles to perform? 

“I was in a play called Drawing the Shades, which is the story of four individuals and how their lives tie together. We performed it at my college, and I don’t think many people are familiar with it, but it’s about rape and how these individuals moved on past being sexually assaulted at some point in their lives.” 

How have your previous roles and theatrical experiences prepared you to play such a complex role? 

“I was in a play called 44 Plays for 44 Presidents, and I was very outgoing in every scene.” 

What are you most looking forward to in delivering this wonderful piece of theatre on opening night? As a performer, what would you like the audience’s reaction to be? 

“I’m looking forward to performing in such a close space, where the audience can catch every little moment of the play. I’m hoping they’re all at the edge of their seats, playing strong attention to everything they’re watching. The way the space is designed feels very real.” 

What do you think your character brings to the play, being an outsider that comes into this chaotic household? 

“I want to bring in a new energy and excitement, kind of like sunshine coming in. I think that when we see the family interact with a new character, a lot of their truths come out by comparison.”

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