Acting is Reacting

This is a very exciting rehearsal of The Glass Menagerie, because tonight we are in a different rehearsal space.  The wonderful thing is that the actors are adjusting to it so well, and they are playing the scenes perfectly.

Another wonderful thing I have noticed in tonight’s rehearsal is the way the actors are reacting during certain moments. “Acting is reacting,” right?  For example, there is a wonderful scene between Amanda and Laura, and both actresses do a superb job reacting to each other!

Another scene rehearsed tonight was between the characters of Jim and Laura, in which they discuss their past. To watch scenes such as these develop is such a treat. This plat is so well-written that, as I have said before, the writing lends itself to the performers. These four actors truly understand their roles, and are very dedicated to making this production amazing, which I have no doubt it will be. All I can say is that if these amazing moments make me tear up during the rehearsals, just think what will happen during the actual performances!

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