Lighting Equipment

The lighting dimmer that the Theatre Company of Saugus has been using for the past 25 years has broken and is not repairable.  It is time for us to invest in new modern digital Lighting Equipment, including dimmers, and a control board that can record the hundreds of cues used in a musical.  We expect that this will cost us $5000. 

This investment should last us for many years, but this is a bit much to fit into our current operating budget.  We are renting equipment for the time being, but this will cost us more in the long run.  So, we are starting a fundraising campaign.  Please help us out with a contribution that will allow this 45-year-old arts organization to continue to put on quality entertainment in the future. 

Any amount is appreciated.  All contributors will be recognized in our programs for the next season.  We are a non-profit corporation, and your contribution is tax-deductible.  You may send checks, payable to Theatre Company of Saugus, and marked “Lighting Equipment Fund”.  Send to:  Theatre Company of Saugus  /  PO Box 1058  /  Saugus, MA  01906.

Click here to contribute using a credit card.

Here is an update:  In June 2013 TCS got a good deal on the purchase of a used but very sophisticated lighting control board.  It will be employed by us for the first time for our summer 2013 shows at ESUMC.  We now have to pay for it, and several fundraising events are in the works.  Thanks very much to those who helped with the purchase, testing, accessories, and setup:  James Wlodyka, Mike Teixeira and others at ALPS, Rob MacRobbie, and Larry Segel.  And to Nancy Welch, who has been driving back and forth to ALPS to pick up and drop off the dimmers that we have been renting.

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