Fundraising for new Lighting Dimmers

As many of you know we had been working with our very old lighting system for over 25 years.  In November 2012 that system lit its last show. So we did some research and found out what we would need to successfully light productions in all of our typical locations.  To do this we need to raise a total of approximately $5000.

We are setting goals little by little. Our first goal was to pay for our new lighting control board which cost us $1500.  We met that goal with your help, thank you!!

Our next goal is to purchase two lighting dimmers.  We have been renting dimmers for each show for the past two years.  If we can purchase dimmers, then we will save on these costs, and be able to use them whenever we want.  Each dimmer costs about $900, or $1800 for two.

Please help us reach our goal!!  All contributors will be named in all of our programs throughout the next season. Please consider helping us out, any amount will help!!  You can send us a check payable to Theatre Company of Saugus, and mail it to TCS Lighting Equipment Fund  /  PO Box 1058  /  Saugus, MA  01906.  Thank you!

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