Storage Cleanup

We will have a storage cleanup work party on Saturday 14 December.  Starting at 9:00 AM and going until 3:00 PM.  We need to rearrange, move, discard, and organize our stuff so as to be able to fit all of it more efficiently.  This includes set pieces, drapes, props, costumes, and equipment.

We keep our stuff in three main locations, at Central Storage; in the sheds on the Nickole property; and a few things are at ESUMC.  The work party could be at any of these locations, so contact us in advance if you will be helping, so that we can let you know where we will be during the work party day.  You can find all of these on the map on our Directions page.

Please bring vehicles so that you can help us transport stuff from one place to another, if needed.  Pickup trucks, mini-vans, hatchbacks.  Please empty your own stuff out first so that there is room.

If you have room in your basement or garage to keep our stuff, let us know.  It should be dry but need not be heated.

Please do not bring us more donated stuff.  Unless you make arrangements with us in advance, because it is something we can use for our shows during the upcoming season.

If you are detail oriented and good with spreadsheets, we need someone to start and maintain an inventory of our stuff.

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