Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser

Theatre Company of Saugus is holding a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser.  We’re selling eco-friendly tote bags, travel bags, kitchenware, home goods, accessories, and more through Mixed Bag Designs!  There’s something for everyone in the catalogs.

Our goal is to raise $2000 to bring “Light” to our future!  We need to purchase new lighting dimmers.  Help support local theatre and “Go, Green” at the same time!  We receive 40% from every online purchase.

Shop and Support us online.  Tell your friends and family to support us by shopping at www.mixedbagdesigns.com.  Make sure our fundraiser ID  241540  is added at checkout.

Or download and print out the order form.  Add your contact info and our fundraiser ID to the order form.  Make checks payable to Theatre Company of Saugus.  Turn in your money and order form to Amanda Allen / tcsaugus@gmail.com  / 781-816-7019.

Need more help?  Contact Mixed Bag Designs at 877-520-2247.


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