Paint a Picture Party Fundraiser

Have you ever wanted to learn to be a painter?  We don’t mean painting our sets, we mean painting a picture, like Van Gogh, or Picasso.  We’ll teach you how in one easy lesson.  While having food and drinks!

TCS is holding a Paint Party Fundraiser.  The painting lesson is taught by Melissa’s Budding Artists, provider of paint parties for all ages.  On Wednesday 20 May 2015, at 6:00 PM.  The location is Capone’s restaurant/bar, at 144 Summit Street in Peabody, Massachusetts.

We are raising funds to support our Youth Theatre Workshop 2015, and our “Light Our Stage” lighting equipment purchase campaign.  TCS gets 50% of the proceeds.

Tickets are $40 for each artist.  The price includes your canvas, the painting supplies, and a step by step painting lesson.  Tickets must be purchased by 15 May 2015.  See our Tickets page.

There are special door prizes for each “artist”, and one lucky winner!

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