Moving Scenery in Storage

We will continue our project of moving scenery, on Saturday 26 September 2015.  The starting time is TBA, watch this space for further news.

Please meet us at 123 Forest Street.  We will be moving set pieces from Leo’s garage and shed to our storage unit at 222 Central Street Storage.  Both of these locations are shown on the map on the Directions page of our website.

We need people with trucks or vans.  And people who can left and carry.

We can also use people who cannot lift or carry, but can take inventory as we work.

If you plan to help us out, or have questions, please contact Larry Segel at 617-539-0418.

TCS has collected a lot of scenery, furniture, costumes, and props over the years.  Half of it is stored in rented rooms at Central Storage, at 222 Central Street in Saugus.  The other half is in garages and sheds at a property on Forest Street.  We are consolidating all of it into a larger room at Central Storage.  This will take two or three moving days, and it must be completed during August and September 2015.  We will need the help of a bunch of people who can carry things; the more the easier.  We also need people with trucks or vans on the days we move stuff from Forest Street to Central Storage.  The locations may be found on our Directions page.


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