New Location for TCS

As of February 2016, rehearsals for the Theatre Company of Saugus will be at the Laurel Gardens Community Room, at 2 Rice Street.  This is the one-story building, not the Laurel Towers which is also marked 2 Rice Street.

The venue for performances for our March 2016 production of The Laramie Project will be Saugus High School, in the Black Box Theater room C09.  Many thanks to Steve and the SHS Drama Club for hosting us!

For both locations, see our Directions page.

Both of these locations are temporary.  TCS is in need of a new home.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, or know somebody who knows somebody, please contact us ASAP, at  We would prefer to be in Saugus, and are limited in how much rent we can pay.

We were formerly housed at the East Saugus United Methodist Church.  They declined to renew our lease beyond December 2015, because they say they would prefer to use their space to house other church groups.

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