Board Nominations 2020

Elections are coming up for the Board of Directors of the Theatre Company of Saugus. The board has nine members, with staggered terms lasting three years. Three members are elected near the end of each calendar year, usually in November. Nominations should be made in October. Officers are chosen by the new and old board members in December.

This year, we need to nominate at least two people. These board members can be replaced or re-elected:

  • Amanda Allen, our current president, is term-limited, so we need to replace her with a new person.
  • Deirdre Shaw, our current corresponding secretary, is eligible for a second term, and is willing to continue.
  • Mike Giusti has chosen not to continue, and needs to be replaced.

The other continuing members of the board include: Jeff Bliss, Matthew Garlin, Alicia Murphy, Allison Perry, Sean Perry, and Larry Segel.

If you have suggestions for nominations of new board members, or wish to nominate yourself, please communicate with any board member, or write to us at

What is required of board members? There is a board meeting every month. During the pandemic, we have met remotely via Zoom. The remote meetings will continue even after the pandemic is over, so commuting to meetings will not be required. Board members also serve on committees, and take an active role in productions and on other company projects.

Many thanks to Amanda and Mike for your years of service!

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