Accepting Raffle Donation Items

TCS is planning our next Raffle Fundraiser. Our last raffle event, the 12 Days of TCS raffle, was quite successful, so we will do another one later this spring called Back to the Stage. There will be multiple drawings and many prizes.

You can contribute to the fun by donating items to be raffled off. These can be gift baskets, gift cards, tickets to events, crafts, artwork, household items, whatever! Each donator will be credited in our raffle publicity.

You can tell us about an item you would like to donate by filling out this form. In the Longer Description tell us all about the item content, its use, the event dates, what makes the item desirable. Provide your contact information, in case we need to find out more. Provide your address so that we can collect the donated items and get them to their winners. Please fill out a separate form for each item you want to donate.

Thank you! Your donations are a big help in supporting the Theatre Company of Saugus.

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