2016-2017 Season

Something old, something new,
something tried, and something fun to do!
That is what our new season brings to you!
TCS is proud to announce its 2016-2017 season!

Planning for the next Theatre Company of Saugus season had been delayed.  Since we didn’t have a new permanent home during the first half of 2016, we didn’t know where we would be performing or rehearsing.

Now we are pleased to announce that we have a home for the first show of our season (at least).  We will be at the American Legion Hall in Saugus.

Despite the uncertainty, the board of directors came up with a slate of shows that we think can be performed in a smaller venue and rehearsed wherever.  The exact timing of each some of the shows is to be determined.

The general membership approved the plan at our General Membership Meeting on Wednesday 29 June 2016.

  • Heathers, a recent musical based on the cult movie from the 1980s.  (We had also been consdidering Pippin but rights to it are restricted now.)  We will do this during the Halloween season, the last two weekends of October 2016.
  • A Miscast Musical Revue.  This is your opportunity to perform a song that you would normally never get to do.  Cast yourself against type.  In early December 2016.
  • Lost In Yonkers.  The Pulitzer Prize-winning comic drama by Neil Simon, in winter 2017.
  • Nunsense 2, The Second Coming.  The second in our planned series of musical comedies about funny nuns, in spring 2017.
  • An entry in the EMACT Drama Festival, to be determined.  Propose a show to us, that runs under an hour long.

If you have comments or suggestions, please Contact Us.


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