Shrek by Saugus High School Drama Club

During 12-14 May 2016, the Saugus High School Drama Club presented the comic musical Shrek.  Based on the animated film.

The production was directed by Steve Black, the drama teacher at Saugus High.  Steve has been a helpful collaborator with TCS.  Shrek was performed in the Lemoine-Mitchell Performing Arts Center at Saugus High, just two weeks after the TCS production of Urinetown.  Half of the Urinetown set was left in place for Shrek.  All of the lighting equipment was rented for an extended period and used for both shows.

Several TCS members participated in Shrek.  Gabby Silva (a teaching assistant for the 2015 Youth Theatre Workshop) played the leading role of Fiona, the princess rescued by Shrek the ogre.

Two students who have been on the TCS stage multiple times since they were little were featured as some of the many fairy tale characters who invade the ogre’s swamp home.  Autumn Dion played Mama Bear, and William Fafard Jr. played Humpty Dumpty and the Pied Piper.  Both were also in the dance ensemble.

Elvira Schoenthal (who appeared in our recent production of The Laramie Project) was the costume designer for Shrek.  TCS president Amanda Allen was the makeup designer; providing the prosthetics for Shrek, Donkey, and Fiona.  Larry Segel was the lighting designer.  James Wlodyka was the Sound Designer and Operator.

Local reporter Neil Zolot of the Saugus Advertiser has written an article about the production, including quotes from some of the TCS participants.


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